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Bill Turner Prophecy, False Prophecy And The Effects Thereof 1

Bill Turner Prophecy, False Prophecy And The Effects Thereof 2

Romans 9:11

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Bill Turner (W.H. Turner) was a remarkable prophet and biblical teacher. On this site (formerly you will find his complete range of studies, rare video and amazing audio sermons.

Bill was the genuine article, a man who ‘walked the talk’ and wonderfully used by God. His teaching ministry was outstanding, and aimed at equipping Christians properly. From bi-location, healing, and prophecy to raising the dead, Bill’s experience is still invaluable. As a teacher, he was keen that others in the body of Christ also learn to walk in New Testament power.

There are precious few sites out there with the quality contained here. God loves you, and wants you to walk in His love with spiritual power, and Christian maturity. Please feel free to download and use any of the materials provided here.

Also on this site you can enjoy Tom Turner’s songs / hymns. Tom is Bill’s brother and you are welcome to download, distribute and enjoy all!