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Bill Turner (W.H. Turner) was a remarkable prophet and biblical teacher. On this site (formerly you will find his complete range of studies, rare video and amazing audio sermons.

Bill was the genuine article, a man who ‘walked the talk’ and wonderfully used by God. His teaching ministry was outstanding, and aimed at equipping Christians properly. From bi-location, healing, and prophecy to raising the dead, Bill’s experience is still invaluable. As a teacher, he was keen that others in the body of Christ also learn to walk in New Testament power.

There are precious few sites out there with the quality contained here. God loves you, and wants you to walk in His love with spiritual power, and Christian maturity. Please feel free to download and use any of the materials provided here.

Also on this site you can enjoy Tom Turner’s songs / hymns. Tom is Bill’s brother and you are welcome to download, distribute and enjoy all!

Bill Turner - Video Recordings

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Prophecy, False Prophecy And The Effects Thereof 1

Prophecy, False Prophecy And The Effects Thereof 2

Romans 9:11

Fruits of the Spirit

Teaching on Parables

Bill Turner - Audio Recordings

Below is a complete collection of audio sermons given by Bill throughout his ministry. There is something here for everyone, and these sermons are packed with the love of Jesus & Holy Spirit truth and power. If anyone has recordings they would like to share here to bless others please contact me and I will ensure the recording is professionally converted and digitised with no loss to your original source.

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This first box contains a new batch of audio recordings kindly submitted recently by a member of a Dublin Fellowship, enjoy and be blessed:

Bill Turner - Studies

Below are Bill Turner’s studies. If you wish to download them ALL in one bundle – PDF or Word.

CONTENTS – Yahweh Shalom. (Numb.6v22-27. Ps.20v1-4.)

Please Note. My studies are not copyright and may be freely copied and used without reference to the author, and, NO GIFT is expected or desired for these studies. Most of them have been rewritten. 1Pet.5v7. God cares for you.

W. H. Turner. April 26th. 2008.

Nearly all of these studies are by W. H. Turner, some are also by C. L. Parker, and others. All Studies have been numbered and ordered for your convenience. Some studies are grouped according to their series (06, 06a, 06b, 06c etc). e.g. The first five books are a collective series on Alpha Course subjects.

Studies 01 to 05 – Five studies on Alpha course subjects:

01. How can I be sure of my faith? 9 Pages.
02. Who is the Holy Spirit? 9 Pages.
03. What does the Holy Spirit do? 8 Pages.
04. How can I be filled with the Spirit? 14 Pages.
05. How can I resist evil? 12 Pages.

Studies 06-06g – By His Stripes we are Healed & Accompanying Studies:

06. By His Stripes we are healed. 53 Pages.
06b. Did Jesus have spiritual gifts at Nazareth? 8 Pages.
06c. The Bruisings and Triumphs of Jesus the Child and the Youth. 12 Pages.
06d. Looking away to, and into Jesus. 6 Pages.
06e. Hidden in God’s Quiver. How God hid Joseph and Jesus in His quiver until God’s strategic time came. 19 Pages.
06f. The agonising suffering of Jesus in Hades. 9 Pages.
06g. Jesus the Carpenter. 3 Pages.

More Studies

07. Testimonies from Bill and Pauline Turner, and W.H. Turner senior. 3 Pages.
08. Early Church Organisation. 58 Pages.
09. The Temptation of Christ. 30 Pages.
10a. Agape Love. 1. Cor. 13. 27 Pages.
10b. The more excellent way. 7 Pages.
10c. Exam questions. 2 Pages.
11. The Comforter is Come. 30 Pages. A study on the Holy Spirit and His gift of tongues.
12a. The Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. 66 Pages.
12b. The Holy Spirit’s Gifts for Conquering Canaan. 22 Pages.
13a. The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 132 Pages.
13b. The Name of Jesus and Yahweh’s Covenant Names. 4 Pages.
14a. God Guards. 4 Pages.
14b. God’s Providential Protection of His Children. 6 Pages.
15. God our Healer. 34 Pages.
16a. Marriage and Divorce. 77 Pages. A study on Marriage and Divorce. N.B. Appendix. God did not curse women.
16b. God did not curse women. 5 Pages.
17. Tithing in the Scriptures and Church History. 15 Pages.
I wrote this when I heard that some poor pensioners had no money to buy food because they had been pressured to tithe. Other Christians had serious financial problems, because they had been driven to give far beyond their means, and tithe upon their gross income, and even upon their taxes. They too had been told that they were under a curse if they did not tithe. The poor receive tithes, not give them. Deut.14v28,29.
18. The Scripture proofs of the absolute Deity of Christ. 28 Pages.
19. Paul, the Prisoner of Jesus for the Gentiles. 4 Pages.


20. W.F.P Burton on Christ’s Second Coming. 4 Pages.
21. The Second Coming of Christ. 56 Pages.
22a. The Issues of Death and Judgement. 44 Pages.
22b. Brief Version. The Issues of Death and Judgement. 11 Pages.
23. The Book of Revelation. 99 Pages.
24a. The Greek Text of Revelation. 31 Pages.
24b. We are saved by God’s Great Grace, and not by Law. 9 Pages.
25a. Baptism in Water. 5 Pages.
25b. What Constitutes Gospel Music and Gospel Preaching. 3 Pages.
26a. Is the Exorcism of Christians of God? 17 Pages. A short study on Demon Possession.
26b. Exorcism. 3 Pages.
27. An Extended Study in Demon Possession. Is the Exorcism of Christians of God? 43 Pages.
28a. Some People Quoted in the Greek Textual Apparatus. 6 Pages.
28b. A Harmony of the Gospels. 22 Pages.
29. My vision of Jesus in St. Luke’s Church Seattle. 1 Page.
30. Rahab. 2 Pages.
31. N.T. Chronology. 32 Pages.
32. Romans, by CL Parker, and W Turner. 24 Pages.
33a. Ephesians, by CL Parker, J Wesley, and W Turner. 14 Pages.
33b. The Disastrous Effects of the Doctrine of “Original Sin.” 20 Pages.
33c. Heb.13v5,6. Weust. N.B. 1 Page.
34a. C.L. Parker’s, Foundation Truths. W2000. 24 Pages. *
34b. Cover for Foundation Truths. 2 Pages. *
35a. Original Sin and Eternal Punishment., by CL Parker. 27 Pages. *
35b. Cover. 1 Page. *
35c. Sweet Harmonies, by CL Parker. 23 Pages. *
36a. Covet earnestly, by CL Parker. 19 Pages. *
36b. The Mystery of God, by CL Parker. 21 Pages. *
36c. According to Plan, by CL Parker. 22 Pages. *

Deepest gratitude to Frank Cook at for providing complete reproductions (with active bible references) of CL Parker’s superb books.

37a. Jesus Prays For His Own (With Headings) – by A Hamilton, W Turner and Others 226 Pages.
37b. Jesus Prays For His Own (By Verse) – by A Hamilton, W Turner and Others 224 Pages.
38. BEWARE! Don’t Let Anyone Fool You And Lead You Astray 96 Pages.
39. Looking For And Hastening The Coming Of The Day Of God 6 Pages.
40. A Little Home – a lovely, enlightening poem by Beatrice Gibbs
41. I Have Set My Face Like a Flint – Bill Turner
42. Jesus, Hidden and Prepared – Bill Turner
43. Jesus My King – A striking and inspiring declaration of faith by S.M. Lockridge
44. The Disciple Who Jesus Loved – Bill Turner
45. A Prophecy for the Church

A prophecy given to Bill Turner in 1988. “This prophecy is much more than a personal prophecy for myself, it contains an important message for the Church of Jesus. The prophecy reveals that God was about to start a new season of blessing for His Church, and is in the process of preparing new leaders in His Church for this new season.”

46. The Making of the Messiah. By Bill Rodway

Wonderful book by Bill Rodway. 2 versions of the book in this folder – the only difference between them is print size and formatting, no content difference. Different font sized copies provided.

47. Should I Have Trusted Him More? By John Gates

This is a wonderful book written by a wonderful Christian. John Gates was inspired by God to write of his extraordinary experiences as a Christian. John became a close friend of Bill’s, and this book includes some of the lovely and miraculous things the Lord has done throughout John’s life. Preface by Bill Turner, and he warmly invites you to read and enjoy this edifying book. This folder also contains a relevant study, added by Bill.

48. The Epistle to the Hebrews – Bill Turner and Others

This is Bill’s latest study. Worth your time, and important.

All these Studies are in Microsoft Word Format. If you wish to download them ALL in one bundle – PDF or Word.